Solution for the metal industry

In our company we deal with CNC machines and industrial robots. Our greatest pride is our customer service department, where the customer satisfaction is on the first place.

We offer:


We offer new and used metal working machines

-Conventional lathes
-CNC numerical lathes
-Manual milling machines
-Gantry milling machines
-CNC machining centers

By working directly with manufacturers, we offer new equipment at the lowest prices in the market, as well as materials that are subject to continuous operation in a given device. By partnering with manufacturers, we can meet the needs of our customers and provide a wide range of machines.


-Industrial robots
-Integration of robots with metal working machines


We provide comprehensive services at every point of the production process of casting processes:

-selection of the suitable chemical composition of cast alloys according to international and national standards and also according to customer requirements
-design of the die and gravity casting process
-implementation and selection of suitable finishing with high-precision machines
-carrying out or selecting the appropriate heat treatment.


If you have not found the right material, feel free to contact us and we'll try to pick the best one.


1.0037 / S235JRC+C / St37k
1.0038 / S235JR / St37-2
1.0503 / C45
1.0570 / S35J2 / St52-3
1.1730 / C45U
1.2842 / 90MnCrV8
1.4301 / V2A
1.4404 / V4A
1.7131 / 16MnCr5
1.7225 / 42CrMo4


EN AW-1050A / 3.0255 / Al99,5
EN AW-2007 / 3.1645 / AlCuMgPb
EN AW-5083 / 3.3547 / AlMg4,5Mn
EN AW-5754 / 3.3535 / AlMg3
EN AW-6060 / 3.3206 / AlMgSi0,5
EN AW-6061 / 3.3211 / AlMg1SiCu
EN AW-7022 / 3.4345 / AlZnMgCu0,5
EN AW-7075 / 3.4365 / AlZnMgCu1,5

Just Provide:

-information about the material which the casting has to be made of (depending on the standard, chemical composition, strength properties) or what you would like to receive

-drawing of the topic

-what quantity interests you?

We also help with the implementation of new projects, we offer comprehensive support.